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The Best Places To Find Garbage Food For Baby!

Food is her #1 passion in life and I want to do everything I can to support her.
I’ll be honest – sometimes I cringe at her gastronomical choices- Pizza crusts, sidewalk meat, carrots. But hey, she dislikes some of my choices too.
We may have very different palates, but I can’t taste my life through her. I have to let her be the foodie she wants to be. My job is to provide unconditional love and support, right guys?

So, on this glorious, sunny May day, let’s get outside with our babies, and GET THAT GARBAGE FOOD!

Here are The Best Places To Find Garbage Food For Baby!


The Green Bin / Compost Bin

mama and baby 🙂

If you live in Toronto, you know the green bin. AND you know the racoons who come to visit it every single night. (If you don’t, I highly suggest introducing yourself! They’re friendlier than you think if you don’t try to put hats on their babies again.) If you’re not familiar, the green bin is where we put our compost, like old food & hair. It gets picked up by the city separately from normal, inedible garbage.

The BEST TIME to let your baby discover the bin is first thing in the morning. Make sure no one has cleaned up the racoon family’s green bin party from the night before. Your baby will want to sample all the culinary delights of yore! Expired berries? DE-LISH! Chicken bones? NUM NUMS! Your baby’s confidence? THROUGH THE ROOF!



Children’s Playground By The Swings

someone’s ready for a garbage food nap!

Rosie discovered this on her own one day as I was running to use the swings before some kids could hop on and hog them. Turns out other people’s human children leave a massive amount of garbage grub right by the swings! If there’s a sand pit around the swings, the amount increases exponentially! DINNER’S ON!!!
The sand pit makes it soooo much fun for Rosie, too! It’s like a game of hide and seek, but instead of finding a person, you find HALF-EATEN PIZZA CRUSTS! LEVEL-UP!!!


To be honest, the only garbage food we’ve found here are half-eaten pizza crusts. PIZZA PARTY!!!!

Now, you may run into some competition. These are primo-crusts! Children – human and canine – will try to jam that rectangle of gluten into their mouths faster than you can say “GARBAGE PIZZA!” (Even if they’re the ones who left the food in the first place.)
But don’t worry – most parents don’t allow their kids to follow their dreams of eating garbage food. They’ll make them spit it out. That’s when you and baby move in for the kill. SCRUMPTIOUS!


That Area Between The Sidewalk And The Street

that grassy part on the left is like a mystery buffet!

I had to look up what this thing is called, so here we go: It’s called a “boulevard, median, hellstrip, parkway, verge or tree belt.”
This grassy strip thing is full of surprising snacks! What snacks you ask? I have no idea! I’ll look down and Rosie is already eating…whatever it is. But trust me – everything she finds, she LOVES. I tried to take a hellstrip snack from her mouth once to try it, but she wouldn’t let me. That’s how good this grub is! MMMMM!

supporting my baby’s passion

Just make sure no one is mowing the median when you’re snack searching because;
1. There’s a lot of extra grass that your baby might end up ingesting, which will upset your baby’s stomach. Make sure your little-one is only eating the garbage that is probably food, and;
2. The person mowing tends to get a little ruffled, especially when I snack-search near the blades of the mower. But like, as if I’m going to send my baby over there! That’s a mother’s job.

the f is that?


Now it’s time to get out there and support Rosie’s #1 passion in life!
I’ll let you guys know if I find more garbage food gems!

If you want to share your garbage cuisine hotspots, feel free to leave a comment! I would love to hear from you, my Dear Readers!
Of course, if you want to keep them to yourselves, I totally understand!! 🙂

Have a great day out there!


Olivia and Rosie xoxo