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Take a Poll Tuesday! Help Me Decide!

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Site Name Change? Should We Broadcast Live? What Should We Do Next?


Hi guys!

Lizzy Mason here! Rosie is beside me too! She’s staring out the window-WAIT, NOW she’s staring into the back of the couch!! I wonder what she sees in there?? I bet she’s thinking of yours truly! 😉 (ME!) (Lizzy Mason.)

So, I’ve been thinking, because my ovaries and uterus and tum tums and whatever you need to make a bay-bay totes all work, maybe I shouldn’t be calling my site “barren“??? I dunno! I can’t believe I can’t make a decision! But I’m lucky to be even MORE famous now than I was before, so I can ask you guys (I really love you guys, for real tho!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KISSES!!!!!!!! My mouth is pretty clean- don’t worry! haaaaaaaa!)

So, OK! Focus, Lizzy, amirite??? haaaaaa!

Ok! SO!

I totes purchased a new site name!!!!!!!

Get ready for it… the name is….

What do you guys think? Should I stick with Barren in the City??? Or should I take it to the NEXT LEVEL and launch this new name?

My next foray into fame would be GOING LIVE!!! Do you guys want me to?? What time? I want to make sure you want to see it! (I totes think you will, cuz it’s with Rosie and ME!) (Lizzy Mason.) And I REALLY want to make sure you CAN see it. So I’m polling a poll here – what TIME works for you guys for live broadcasting??

What do y’all wanna see next from this fabulous duo?
(We WILL have more fashion walk-offs, btw. It nourishes my *~*~*~sOoOuUul~*~*~*

OMG you guys are the FLEEKIEST!! 🙂 Thank you so sooooo soooooo much for taking the polls!!!! I love you guys!!!! Because I know you love me, so. That’s how it goes.


If you have suggestions that aren’t in the polls that you want me or Rosie to steal from you – you’re SO GENEROUS!!! Then leave them in the comments below! (Or wherever you have the option to! Our Site is **mAgIcaL** and full of surprises!!!)

Have an insane, in a fabulous way, day out there, guys!!!! haaaaaaa!


Lizzy Mason & Rosie Puggle