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Pug Point of View | Sandbanks Provincial Park

A pug point of view is something I’ve only dreamt about when I fall asleep and separate from my body, you know like when your soul travels? Yeah! Like that! I travel into Rosie and it’s not nice to lick a dog’s butt in that perspective. …Anyways guys!! lol!! Now I’ve seen it at the BEACH! And it’s on fleek, that beach is!

So, Rosie made some friendsies at Sandbanks Provincial Park, (SHOUT OUT! You guys might owe me money now, check in with me, okays? 😉 lol!!!) who let her borrow their GoPro and GoPro dog harness for this incredible pug-perspective on life! A PUGSPECTIVE! (AND a GOPRO PERSPECTIVE. GOPRO – you guys might owe me money right now – check in with me, okays?? lol!! REALLY THO.)

My baby mainly sniffed our cooler where we keep her cares cares (carrots for the peeps who dunno), but I wanted to show y’all how fun my fur babygirl can be! It’s not ALL about foodstuffs, right?
Oh wait- it kind of is. WINK!!!

She DID eat some garbage. lol!!! You can see it closer to the beginning of the point of view video. (did you watch it yet?? I would have! 😉  As you all totes know, I am SO TOTES supportives of her passion for garbage food and I’m so fleeked that she used her genius to find some! #GENIUSDOG

The only problem with this vid-vid is that you can’t see my baby’s face AT ALL TIMES. Only like, 6% of the time, and I’m being UBER GENEROUS. That’s my problem in LIFE, tbh. TO BE HONEST, GUYS. TB SO H.
I also have to do something that I rarely do – apologize… (SAY WHAT?!?!) for not being in the video as much. (so sorry) Sorry guyyysss! (not that sorry tho, I do what I have to do) I miss me in it too, you guys!!! I was camping and I totally looked cray cray and not like myself. But that’s me in the PONYTAIL and that’s my crotchal area in the CHERRY PATTERN!!!!!  Can you believe it??? #StillRockedIt

I hope you LOVE Rosie’s camerawork and modelling as much as I do! I mean, really – what other dog or human model can work the camera AND model at the same time? Just me (obvi) and my baby girl… and probably Tyra Banks, but I bet Tyra doesn’t do it as well.

TYRA – if you’re reading this, like I know you are, email me to set up a point-of-view-off with Rosie. Pug Point of View VS. Tyra Point of View. We’ll use the same GoPro and harness to make it fair. Tyty, I really suggest you take this challenge on. You will finally be able to compete with the best of the best. Let me know, Ty.

And you guys, our Dear Readers, can let Rosie & I know if you would like to see more of our Pug Point of View videos!
Where should we go next?

Have a great day out there!!


Lizzy Mason & Rosie Puggle