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My Kid Peed the Bed – HOW TO DEAL WITH IT

My kid peed the bed last night. My little Rosie! (Who is technically a puggle, but she’s still my child.)
I guess I thought she was too grown up to pee the bed, but I was… wrong? How can that be??
I might have to bust out a DIAPER for my older BABY! #OLDORABLE (see what I did there? I am so smart, I surprise even myself! #LizzyMasonGENIUS)

So, what do you do when you feel that wet spot and yell, “NOOOOO! MY KID PEED THE BED!”

Why, watch this video, of course!

Click below to watch my 4 amazing steps for DEALING WITH BEDWETTING!
And there’s more! I also announce the winner of our giveaway contest! They win an autographed, glamorous picture of Rosie and I! LUCKY!!


I hope you loved the video as much as I always do!
Now, if you happen to be at work, or the doctor’s or in a loud bathroom stall, and you can’t watch the video, never fear! For I have transcribed the whole thing below so you can STILL PROCRASTINATE everywhere you go! #LizzyLovesYou. Remember that. 🙂

Let the transcribation BEGIN! (omg I made up a new word AGAIN! I’m flabbergasted by my own brain.)


—SUPER INCREDIBLE DANCE INTRO— (it’s too bad if you can’t see this – it’s ART.)

Hi Guys! Welcome to Barren in the City!
I’m Lizzy Mason. 🙂

I’m Rosie! *puff*

We’re going to announce the winner of our giveaway, but first, ROSIE PEED THE BED LAST NIGHT.
All I’m trying to do is read in bed, check in on my squad, and all of a sudden – IT’S WET. *ugh*
Of course, I put my nose in it. I have to know. Is this pee? Or did the mattress break? OH MY GOD I don’t even have a waterbed!
Rosie PEED. *uuugghhh*

But, that doesn’t mean your whole night has to be a write-off.
I’m going to let you know 4 easy steps:


Number One:
Let your baby know they peed the bed. Don’t get angry. Just mention it casually. Babies and dogs, they really love sarcasm.
[sarcastic] I LOVE when you pee the bed.

Number Two:
Take your sheets off the bed. Crumple them in the corner of your room. DO NOT DO LAUNDRY AT NIGHT. IT’S BAD LUCK. TRUST ME.

Number Three:
Get some Tide to Go, rub that pen all over that pee spot.
Then you want to get your least fabulous towel. Rub it in all over the mattress. Spread the pee thin.

Now for the fun part! No sheets? NO PROBLEM!

[Number Four:]
Get your sleeping bag out, cuz it’s time to go camping in your own bed!
If you have a flame-retardant mattress, TOTES get a campfire going!

HOT BARREN TIP: For extra fun, order SMORES supplies from an uber guy!


OK! So, when they pee, just have FUN WITH IT. 🙂

Now it’s time to announce the winner of our giveaway!
Who is it, Rose-


OH my-
The winner of our giveaway is… I don’t know if I should announce their name. We didn’t really sign any contract…
Your name starts with a “D” and your last name starts with a “C.” I’ll EMAIL YOU.


Thanks for watching, everyone! Remember to subscribe. And to anybody else who’s had their child pee on the mattress, I’m with y’all.
Mattress Pee Squad. Ride or die.

Bye Everybody!


So, I hope that the next time you have to yell, “MY KID PEED THE BED!” you’ll know how to


Have a great day out there!!


Lizzy Mason & Rosie 🙂