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Makeup Tutorial with Lizzy Mason! Fashion Friday Series

Happy Fashion Friday, everyone!!!

It’s ME, Lizzy Mason!! I’m here to tell you that I will be doing a LIVE makeup tutorial on my youtube channel TODAY (Friday, July 14th) at 3:30pm!

Click the link to watch ME and get BEAUTIFUL:

I’ve never done a LIVE VID VID before, but seeing that I’m amazing at everything I put my mind to, I can totes do this!If you don’t see me right at 3:30pm, that means I’m LEARNING more about live youtube, ok? Just learning. For all of us.


So, get your make ups ready to follow along with me, Lizzy Mason! (get a lot of eyebrow colours ready to go. You know we’re gonna rock some fierce brows!!)

Rosie will be there with me! She LOVES watching me do my makeup. Rosie’s personal taste is the natural look, but I’ll convince her to go GLAM one day! #Fierce


See you guys at 3:30!




Lizzy Mason & Rosie Puggle