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canada day

Happy CANADA DAY, everybody!!!!

As you all probs know, I am a Canadian! And as far as I know, Rosie Puggle is also Canadian! We’re not too sure. We adopted her from the TORONTO Humane Society (BIG UP!) and that’s IN CANADA, so we’re going with “Rosie’s Canadian!”

Celebrate Canada Day with me, you guys!

Crack open a beer, smoke some doobies, say you’re sorry, ride a moose and watch these uber-Canadian vid-vids I put together for y’all!

Canada Day, LET’S GOOOOOOO!!!!!

If you’re Canadian, you know this. If you’re not Canadian, I’m sorry! And you’re in for a TREAT. If you like LOGS! (Who doesn’t, amirite?)


Next up, reppin’ my HOME TOWN, the T DOT (before it was the 6ix):

It’s the TEE DOT. #Respect

Now for the LEGEND who needs no introduction:


OMG you guys, get ready for ANOTHER LEGEND. The one, the only, Jan Arden! Note how she lists all the things we get for free in Canada because we’re so amazing!!! I don’t think she even has time to include “healthcare” in there – we get SO MUCH FREE STUFF:

We get free money, pockets, hair colouring, friends, houses, cars, good mothers – EVERYTHING. FOR FREE.
The homeless kid in the video is American, and OF COURSE a Canadian helps him out at 4:36. #CantHelpHelping

Next up is the sultan of  Canadian #BadAssery.  RIGHT HERE:


Note how the snow at the beginning is FAKE. This Canadian girl KNOWS SNOW and snow don’t blow away like DUST. #SnowDontBlow
It melts, just like my heart does for that pock-marked face of a rock god.

Ok guys, time to bring it back to the LADIES. I think I’m totes related to this person, cuz that’s just like, probably the truth. I mean, look at us.
Timmins, Ontario #Represent (Just sayin’, #LeChateau was the only clothing store at the Timmins mall with ok clothes. I was there for a full hour. I know your pain, Shania. #RoughLife #RealTalk) (Hot Barren Fact: Shania is from Timmins, you guys!)

The best thing about being a woman IS the PREROGATIVE TO HAVE A LITTLE FUN. #NailedIt

Ok one more because I feel a connection to the artist who is ***~~~SHANIA~~~***


Now for some Canadian ….OOPS, WE TRIED!!!
Our own make-a-band-reality-show competition winners, SUGAR JONES!

So low-budget, even the youtube still is #pixilated

Up next is some love for my #WestCoast… frieeeeends? Can we be friends? I know I’m from Toronto, so obvi I’m better than you, but that doesn’t mean we can’t #GetAlong, ok guys? #LoveYooouuuuu
Some west coast artists bringing us Halloween-ey beats!

#MochaOnly for the win.

And finally, my piece of the resistance:

Please RISE (please) for our National Anthem! Sung in 11 different languages cuz we actually love diversity, guys. #ForReal #Represent

Happy Canada Day, FRIENDS!


Lizzy Mason & Ros-eh Puggle