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Fun Games For Family – Family Olympics!

Fun games for your ENTIRE family are hard to think of, if you’re not me. (Lizzy Mason.) FREE and fun activities for the FAM are TOUGH! Free, Fun OUTDOOR activities for the family? ARE YOU CRAZY, LIZZY??? (on full moons, I TOTES am!)

But today, my friends, I am not cray cray! Free, fun, outdoor activities with the fam-fam DO exist. Just like faeries and the ghost that watches me shower! FLATTERED.

I present to you, the Barren in the City FAMILY OLYMPICS!

I totes tell you what you need in the vid-vid, but just in case you can’t watch it because you’re on the phone with your family, or you’re performing surgery, you can read what you’ll need below!


1. An Olympic Torch
2. Outdoor Space
3. Great Eyebrows*
4. Your FAMILY!

*optional, unless you want to be FABULOUS.

eyebrow game is strong
eyebrow game is STRONG. #slay

If you use your imagination, can find open space, and have little to no shame, your family can hold their own FAMILY OLYMPICS! GOLDEN.
Try to keep steroids out of it tho. I know those roids can totes be fun at family get-togethers, but Lizzy gotsta play FAIR, ya’ll.

Tell us if you tried your own! How did it go?
Send pictures and I’ll fo sho post it on my fearless site, you guys! Cuz I love yoouuuuu!!!!

Have a great FAM OLYMPIC DAY out there, y’all!


Lizzy Mason & Rosie Puggle