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Fashion Friday! Tyra Banks Is My Twin

Hi Guys!

Lizzy Mason here! Rosie is asleep, bathing in the sun, looking like a MODEL. Speaking of MODELS, it’s FASHION FRIDAY, y’all!
This is the first of the series.

So, WTF is Fashion Friday?!

FASHION FRIDAY is where I, Lizzy Mason, will post what I love, hate, desire, and despise in everything canine and human FASHION, dahlings.


Every Friday, if I’m not away doing v. important things, I will post these posts.

Remembs to read at your own risk. Prepare to be surprised. If you’re offended, I can’t help you. You can only help yourself. #SelfLove

This week in HUMAN FASHION, I stumbled upon a certain supermodel / SLASH / business woman / SLASH / entrepreneur / SLASH / ….TWIN.


#LikeABoss #WorkBitch

Yass, my twinsie, Miss Tyra Banks. She’s my much MUCH older twin, obvi, but at the end of the day, she’s my twin for real. #ForReal

And you’re all like, “Lizzy Mason, what’s Rosie up to?” And I’m like, “Chill, bitch. 😉 Let me tell my story.”
And you’re all like, “Lizzy Mason, we already know you look like Tyra Banks, bitch! ;)” And I’m like, “STOP INTERRUPTING ME. …… GOD. ……”
So, I’m on my insta or “the gram” or “the grammy” and I’m checkin’ in on my #InstaSquad cuz that’s how I do, and there’s TyTy- Tyra Banks- lookin’ LIKE ME.

tyra banks looks like me

I know you believe me, but I really want to show how much she looks like me in this next pic, ok guys? 🙂 I’m comparing the two of us so that there’s no doubt. #DontSpeak So, from my last vid-vid, I was ranting, a.k.a. flushing toxins out of my body, about insta. You should watch it. I expose scammers. #RealTruth #RealTalk

Ok, so now that you’re back from watching my Insta-SCAM Case of the Mondays Rant video, #Thaaaaanks, I have to show you how alike Tyra and I are! TWINSIE TIME. This is a comparison of ME from my last video (that you just watched again) and Tyra Banks (supermodel):

tyra banks stealing my style

So, there I was on the Layout app, totally enjoying this first comparison I made:

-Tyra’s got a bun on top and long hair on the sides
have a bun on top and long hair on the sides!

-Tyra’s got hot pink matte lipstick on her lips
– I got hot pink matte lipstick on my lips!

-Tyra’s got black eye liner on top, brown on bottom, brows on fleek, expression expressin’
have the same.

This twinning is winning my #friyay.  I even posted it to the ‘grammy, but then something stopped me in my tracks.
A feeling.
An instinct.

I realized I had to delete the photo I JUST POSTED.
I committed an insta-crime, but the deletion was in self-defense.

You see, like, in the photo comparison, everything matches… TOO well. Except the earrings. And then I remembered my other pair of earrings. And I KNEW.


The proof:

tyra banks stole my style
CSI earring results are in: IT’S A MATCH.

And guess what, guys? I’ve never seen Tyra wear this before. This is from her insta posted like… recently. At the top of her page! And I don’t know how to feel.

It’s like, you know the feeling when you go to use your pre-paid Visa card you got for your birthday 4 months ago, and it doesn’t work and you remember, oh ya, I used that at a Harvey’s drive-thru on Tuesday? THAT feeling.

And then there’s the other feeling of, “I’m SOOOOO FLATTERED!” I totes am flattered tho! Shoutout to Tyra Banks for impeccable style. #PraiseTyra

But honestly, it’s also like…. kind of pathetic. And it hurts. That she didn’t credit me in the insta photo. And that she hasn’t hired me as her stylist yet. I mean, I know I’m suuuuper busy being Rosie’s dog momager (that’s what I’m calling myself now, guys!), sending out Rosie’s headshots, looking after her instagram with my cousin Cokie Mason who does some of it…. I mean, I run my own insta @barreninthecity, but like, Rosie’s insta is a big deal for her, dog-model-career-wise. I mean, she’s already a dog model, she just needs $$WERK$$. And her gram-gram is the way to do $$$that.$$$

Rosie’s insta is @pugglerosie

Ok, so here’s Rosie, cuz y’all are so AWESOME!!!!

cutest dog model in the world


OK, Y’all! Thanks for reading, but like, I made it easy. #AuthorSupreme I love you guys! Happy Fashion Friday and Happy CANADA DAY tomorrow!! #RedandWhiteFashion

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